Food processors and manufacturers are increasingly discovering dates as a cost-effective, easily incorporated ingredient.

Considerably less acidic than some other dried fruits, California Dates will not interfere with chemical leavening systems or greatly alter yeast-leavened dough characteristics. Their natural sweetness compliments a wide range of dairy product formulations.

Whether used in baked foods, dairy products, cereals or confections, California Dates add a naturally sweet dimension to product development that makes them perfect for food industry applications. In fact, adding dates to your formulations is a great alternative to processed sugars. As an old favorite finding new appeal, dates are a fresh surprise!

Their mild but distinctive flavor lends itself to sweet and savory formulations and strengthens and compliments other ingredients. California Dates are a good source of fiber and copper, contain no fat, cholesterol or sodium; building the healthful product profile demanded by today’s consumer.

Desert Valley Date

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Double Date Packing 

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Hadley Date Gardens

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Jewel Date Company

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Sun Date LLC

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Seaview Packing, Inc 

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