California Dates, a natural ingredient that fits right in!

For the professional chef or someone who loves to cook; California Dates bring a unique quality of flavor and texture to any recipe.

Dates have often been referred to as nature’s candy. They are a great alternative to sugar in dessert dishes like cakes, brownies and cookies. But, dates also have a place in savory dishes. They add luscious richness to meat, seafood, and poultry entrées. They also are an excellent ingredient in compotes, salads, and sauces.

Dates are great at the beginning of a meal and at the end. So, get yourself some California Dates and start cooking!

25 ways to use California Dates:

  • Bagels

  • Breads

  • Brownies

  • Cakes

  • Cereals

  • Cheesecakes

  • Cookies

  • Compotes

  • Donuts

  • Dressings

  • Fish & Shellfish

  • Granola Bars

  • Ice Cream

  • Marinades

  • Muffins

  • Pies

  • Protein Bars

  • Pork, Beef & Chicken

  • Salads

  • Sauces

  • Scones

  • Smoothies

  • Trail Mix

  • Vegetables

  • Yogurt

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Chef Competitions
Entrees/ Main Dishes
Festival Recipes
Highest Rated
Using Date Products
“Date Infusion”
A Wonderful Date Nut Bread
Armenia Date and Goat Cheese Fillo Roll
Bacon Wrapped Date with Blue Cheese
Barbeque Pork Loin with “Dates Three Ways”
Blue Cheese & Almond Stuffed California Dates with Chive Oil
Breakfast Date Pockets
Broccoli and Date Salad
California Date Cassata
California Date Cheesecake, Original
California Date Crusted Veal Loin with Truffle and Date Risotto, Hericot Vertes, Prosciutto, Port Wine Sauce and Yellow Tomato Coulis
California Date Dressing
California Date Low-fat Cheesecake
California Date Nut Bread
California Dates 'n Stuffed Apples
Caramelized Date and Apple Tart
Caramelized Deglet Noor Date and Three Apple Salad with Seared Foie Gras
Chicken with Lentils, Dates and Rice
Chicken-Date Couscous Salad
Chili with Dates
Chocolate Raspberry Date Shake
Christmas Casserole Cookies
Curried Date Carrot Soup
Dark 'n Nutty Date Cake
Date & Carrot Cheesecake
Date & Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
Date and Apricot Wild Rice Stuffing
Date and Poppy Seed Pancakes
Date Banana Crunch Bread
Date Banana Pudding Parfaits
Date Beef Wellingtons
Date Breakfast Crescents
Date Cupcakes with Maple Cinnamon Buttercream
Date Flat Bread
Date-Ginger-Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Date, Pecan & Coconut Cookies
Dates are Great Breakfast Smoothie
Decadent Chocoate Date Torte
French Onion Soup with Dates
Gazpacho Pico de Gallo w/Jicama Date Crusted Croutons
Grapefruit Date Salad
Lamb & Date Pastilla
Lemon-Scented Date Pilaf
Linguine with Lemon Thyme Pesto Vinaigrette
Low Fat Date Yogurt Shake
Marshmallow Date Nut Log
Mediterranean Sauce with Fish
Mocha Date Shake
Moroccan Lamb Shanks with Dates
Noor Bread Pudding with Caramel Bourbon Sauce
Orange Date Shake
Palm Springs Fruit Salad
Pepper Crusted Beef Carpaccio with Date Phyllo Ring, Frisée and Date Vinaigrette
Pork Loin with Apple Date Chutney
Pork Tenderloin with Date-Couscous Stuffing
Roasted Squash Salad with Spicy Pecans
Savory Date Nut Fettuccine
Savory Sweet Chicken Triangles
Smoked Duck and Apple Salad with Dates and Pecans
Spiced Chicken and Date Delight
Spinach Fruit Blend
Spinach Salad with Chicken and Dates
Sticky Date Cake
Stuffed Dates
Sweet & Spicy Pumpkin Soup with Bacon, Dates & Pecans
Tabbouleh Pocket Sandwiches
The Date Tasting
Tropical Date Sauce for Fish or Fowl
Tropical Date Shake
Turkey Scaloppine with Date-Orange Apricot Sauce
Two Grain Fruitful Muffins
Zucchini Date Slaw