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 California Dates equals Sweet Versatility


Increasingly, food processors and manufacturers are discovering dates as a cost-effective, easily incorporated ingredient.
Considerably less acidic than some other dried fruits, California Dates will not interfere with chemical leavening systems or greatly alter yeast-leavened dough characteristics. Their natural sweetness compliments a wide range of dairy product formulations.
Whether used in baked foods, dairy products, cereals or confections, California Dates add a naturally sweet dimension to product development that makes them perfect for food industry applications. In fact, adding dates to your formulations is a great alternative to processed sugars. As an old favorite finding new appeal, dates are a fresh surprise!
Their mild but distinctive flavor lends itself to sweet and savory formulations and strengthens and compliments other ingredients. California Dates are high in fiber, and contain no fat, cholesterol or sodium; building the healthful product profile demanded by today's consumer.

Industrial Applications


Dehydrated Date Pieces - Also known as date sugar. Use to add flavor and sweeten very firm dough where fruit must remain intact; visual identity for dry bakery mixes and fillings. Medium or finely ground.
Packing Information: 25, 45, 50 lb corrugated fiber cases   Moisture Max:  5%
Date Paste, finely ground, extruded through a fine screen - Filling for baked goods, confections, cereals; formed with enhancers; natural, substitute sweeteners. Maintains product freshness. Requires refrigeration. Finely ground.
Packing Information: 40, 50 lb corrugated fiber cases   Moisture Max:  17 - 22%
Extruded Pieces, coated with oat flour, rice flour, dextrose, or other anti-caking material- Applications that require uniform date product based on specific size needs. Diameter is mesh sieve size dependent.
Packing Information: 25, 30, 35 lb corrugated fiber cases   Moisture Max:  15%
Diced Dates, coated with oat flour, rice flour, dextrose or other anti-caking  material - Cereal, baked products - applications that require the particles separate and are free-flowing. 3/8" or 3/16" uniform cubed sections.
Packing Information: 25, 30 lb corrugated fiber cases   Moisture Max:  15%
Date Concentrate, concentrated and liquefied date by-product - Liquid/beverage applications such as dairy shakes; fills, baking.
Packing Information: 5 gallon Pails; 52 gallon Drums   70° Brix
Macerated Dates, contain no pits and have excellent flavor and texture - Most versatile date product. Hygroscopic properties help maintain freshness where large pieces of fruit are desired such as breads and cakes. Use in confections or make into paste. Requires refrigeration, whole, no pits.
Packing Information: 40, 50 lb corrugated fiber cases   Moisture Max:  17 - 22%




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