Date Suppliers

The California date industry includes approximately 100 growers and twelve producers/handlers of California dates. If you are interested in finding or contacting a supplier please refer to the list below.


Cal Sungold, Inc Orchid Dates
Mail: P.O. Box 1540, Indio, CA 92202 Mail: 86-665 Avenue 54, Coachella, CA 92236
Sales Contact: Candelario Felix, Jr  Email: Sales Contact: Houshang Faraji, Office: (760) 399-9570
Office: (760) 399-5646       Email:
Wholesale, Retail                        Date Product Manufacturer Wholesale, Medjool variety only
Desert Valley Date Pacific Date Corporation (CERTIFIED ORGANIC)
Mail: 86-740 Industrial Way, Coachella, CA 92236 Mail: P.O. Box 1478, Thermal, CA 92274
Sales Contact: Greg Kirkjan, Email: Sales Contact: George Jeffrey, Office: (760) 397-8298
Office: (760) 398-0999     Facsimile: (760) 398-1514 Email:
Website:          Wholesale
Wholesale, Retail                       Date Product Manufacturer  
  Amazing Coachella Inc, dba Peter Rabbit Farms
Double Date Packing  Mail: 85-810 Peter Rabbit Lane, Coachella, CA 92236
Mail: 86-301 Industrial Way, Coachella, CA 92236 Sales Contact: Collin Powell, Email:
Sales Contact: Hope Barbee (Sales Manager) / Celeste Avalos (Sales) Office: (760) 398-0151   Facsimile: (760) 398-0972
Email: / Website:  
Office: (760) 398-8900     Facsimile: (760) 398-8911 Wholesale – Medjool variety only
Wholesale, Retail  – Medjool variety only                       Seaview Packing, Inc
  Mail: P.O. Box 818, Coachella, CA 92236
Hadley Date Gardens Sales Contact: Roya Jensen, Email:
Mail: 83-555 Airport Blvd, Thermal, CA 92274 Office: (760) 398-8850 Facsimile: (760) 398-8851
Sales Contact: Sean Dougherty, Email: Website:    
Office: (760) 399-5191     Facsimile: (760) 399-1311 Wholesale - Medjool variety only
Wholesale, Retail                      Date Product Manufacturer Sun Date LLC (ORGANIC)
  Mail: 85-215 Avenue 50, Coachella, CA 92236
Jewel Date Company (CERTIFIED ORGANIC) Sales Manager: D.J. Ryan (760-391-5400)    Email:
Mail: 48-440 Prairie Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92260 Consumer Product Sales: Eddie Legawiec (760-391-5400)
Retail Sales: John Ortiz, Email: Email:
Wholesale: Greg Raumin, Email: Industrial Product Sales: Scott Chuchian (760-398-6123)
Office: (760) 399-4474     Facsimile: (760) 399-4476 Email:
Website: Office: (760) 398-6123      Facsimile: (760) 398-3715
Wholesale, Retail, Mail Order (Shields Date Gardens)                       Website:        
Date Product Manufacturer Wholesale, Retail                 Date Product Manufacturer
Leja Farms Woodspur Farms LLC (CERTIFIED ORGANIC)
Mail: 52-500 Van Buren Street, Coachella, CA 92236 Mail: P.O. Box 757, Thermal, CA 92274
Wholesale Contact: Greg Leja   Retail Sales Contact: Cheri Leja Sales Contact: Dana Emery (Retail/Wholesale)
Office: (760) 398-8702      Facsimile: (760) 398-3329 Office: (760) 398-9480      Email:
Website:       Email:    Mail Order Sales:
Wholesale, Retail, Mail Order, Date Product Manufacturer Main Website:
  Wholesale, Retail, Mail Order          Date Product Manufacturer

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