Culinary Delights

 California Dates is a natural ingredient that fits right in

Dates have natural sugars rather than added sugars. The date adds fiber, nutrients and antioxidants to the diet, whereas, added sugars have no nutrients, no fiber and can’t reduce oxidation which causes inflammation and disease.
A single date averages 21 calories. The recommended serving size is about 5 – 6 dates (40 grams), a satisfying treat for about 120 calories.
Ancient Diets
§ In traditional ancient diets, a bowl of dates was offered on the table at each meal and shown to be a sign of hospitality from the host to his guest.
§ A date would often accompany a cup of coffee or tea. These beverages were consumed unsweetened and a date would provide the desired sweetness and complement the drink. This custom continues today in many cultures.
Make a date with DASH
§ Dates can be a key ingredient in the DASH Eating Plan which is proven to lower blood pressure.
§ Dates are sodium-free, plus they are a source of potassium, a nutrient known in helping the body reduce blood pressure.
§ Balancing the body’s potassium and sodium is one reason why whole fruits like dates, helps in the reduction of blood pressure.
§ The DASH Diet Plan with whole fruits is more effective than dietary supplements in lowering blood pressure.

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